Sunday, 16 August 2015

What (not) to post on Facebook

Hello there! Hope you had a spectacular Sunday. At home. Staring at your Facebook feed all day.
That's right! I know you're guilty of that.

So today I was in a dilemma whether to write about 'When to use social networking sites' or 'what to post on Facebook' and I chose the latter because it doesn't matter how long you are on Facebook to others, what matters is what you choose to show them. That's something people should know. 

Now you may think that I have no right to tell you what to post and what not to, you're right. I don't. But that's not what I'm doing here exactly. This post is an attempt to take you to your conscience and tell you that whatever you post on those social networking sites reflects so much about what you think, and how you deal with things in life. 
So here go the annoying things people post and why they should be avoided

1.The "share in 3 seconds" posts

  We have all seen those pictures of Gods or a dying baby saying, "Share in 3 seconds or bad luck for the next 5 years." Really? Bad luck for 5 years? I haven't shared any post of that sort in my lifetime and yes, that's right, I got suspended from college, my house was robbed, I lost my credit card, my parents abandoned me and I got arrested because I didn't share that picture of that kid with leukemia. (SARCASM!!!) . Just grow up! People who share those kind of posts are the ones who tend to believe everyone and everything that is told to them without thinking twice about it! Those are the kind of people who need to learn to stand on their feet and face bad luck when it comes! If you are concerned about dying children, go to a government hospital and donate to a dying kid from your pockets. That might be something that would keep bad away from you.

2.The "singer's" posts

 If you have ever posted song lyrics from a song that's not even that good, you fall in this category. 
O.K, so we get it. It's a nice song. But you're really not going to write all those lyrics and post them, are you? If you really like the song and want to share it with your friends, you can either write a post like, "listening to ____ by ____" or just upload a video of you singing it! Yes, we can handle that. But when you write down all the lyrics of a song (unless they are extremely poetic), people don't read all of that. And they won't even have thoughts on listening to it. So there's no point in you sharing about it. All it does is convey to people that you have memorised the lyrics and you're listening to songs, that means you're either going to do extremely well in your test the next day, or you will fail.

3.Results from online quizzes

 I do agree that online quiz polls like BuzzFeed are very fun and I take them a lot too. But you don't have to share those results with your friends because honestly, I don't care what the position of your fingers say about your personality, I don't care what celebrity is your soulmate and I honestly don't want to know when and how you're going to die(I will just attend to the funeral when it happens). Also, it matters that when you use these apps on Facebook, you check for the privacy of your profile, and that those apps do not have much access to your personal information. 

4.Post meeting affections

 When you meet a friend somewhere one day, it's okay to post a selfie with them, or it is alright if you check-in at that place and tag them. But when you come back home, and then you go on the internet saying, "Had so much fun with you today! Love you so much! <3". Like, really. You guys already met and talked. Didn't you mention to the other that you love them? Oh, I see why you didn't, because you had to come back and tell the whole world about it. (WHAT?) Just-why? You don't have to do that! Just meet, greet, click  few pictures, talk, come back home and get over it, because nobody cares! People like me, who judge people based on their types of Facebook posts would obviously think of you as a person who does things for others to see it, and not for yourself, and by extension, those kind of people are The Attention Seekers. You don't want to be called that, do you?

5.Father's Day/Mother's Day posts

 We all have done it at some point of time-wishing our parents online on Father's Day or Mother's day or on their birthdays. Our news feed is literally flooded with pictures of our friends with their mothers/fathers and that they love them so much, they can't imagine life without them and all that while all of us know that sad truth that actually at home, they probably just shouted at them for not washing their best dress for their weekend hangout with friends, or they told off words because they didn't get their monthly pocket money. If that's not true, and you genuinely love your mother, you would be spending time with her instead of checking every 20 minutes on how many likes you got for your picture. If you really love them, and want to show your gratitude towards them, go spend some quality time with them, help them with their daily needs, go shopping or to a restaurant with them and talk to them. Give them a reason to always come back to you when they need most, like how we go to them all the time.

6.Tragedy posts

 We all have those friends who are heartbroken all the time. If you are one of them, my sincere advice to you is just to not take it to the public. It would honestly be embarrassing for you to know what people think of you. When you post statuses like that, it means that you are incapable of handling your life's problems and you are on your way downhill. Here's what you do- when you are having tough times or you think you can't make it, remind yourself that it is not true. It can never happen that you can't make it. Everything shall pass, and you will get out of it. But that boost of motivation can only be done by you and nobody else, so there's no point in posting that to public unless you want to convey to people how weak a person you are.

So that's it for now, and I know I have missed a lot more of them but it's already late in the night my Facebook page is calling me(just kidding!!!). I'm sorry if I was too rude but someone had to say it! And the next time you post something on Facebook, make sure that people are really interested in it and they would respond to it genuinely, otherwise, it would just be another means for people to think things about you that you're probably not! Have a great week ahead! Bye.




  1. Each n every word is true. A fresh flood envelops my heart at the break of this pleasant morning. I like your ideas and they r really worth realising. Keep it up. Come forward with many ideas...padmini atta.

  2. Its correctly analysed and realised what not to be done in social networking sites. Especially we feel bad sometimes after seeing such posts and receiving likes for the same. Hope people understand soon ....and stop doing such activities....keep going.... Bring up your ideas n spread your words... Wish you good luck---- usha atta

  3. Very good piece from your pen Tan! Its beautifully authored.The content is useful and language good.Keep it up.Looking for more....

  4. Wonderful words
    These would be my fb rules of thumb from now.
    I hope to read other great stuff from you. U have a fan here.

  5. I love your blog man! I'm featuring it on mine.