Sunday, 30 August 2015

What do you think is most important to you?

Hello! Happy Sunday! I know I didn't post last week because I was drowning in the ocean of Math work and I never learnt swimming. Anyway, I thought of first writing a funny blog, but then I thought-I'm not even funny! So here goes a small talk on the crazy obsession people that all age groups have and how it negatively might be influencing them.

Do you remember those times, when you just got a call from a distant relative on an old friend to your landline one day, and you talked to them for hours? Yeah, ME NEITHER. That's because all of the major years of the present teenagers-about-to-turn-major were spent on their eyes locked to their phone screens. Ask me! I did not have a phone until class 9. When I got one, it was one of those basic cellular mobiles and the first time I ever texted from it, it stressed me out because first of all, I was doing it for the first time. Second, I didn't know how to reply "cool" and all. It sounds silly to me now, but back then, I wanted to be like those friends of mine who randomly woke up one day and decided to ditch a class and go on road trips with their group of friends. For that, I had to text those people first. When I texted for the first time, I felt like I was "interacting" with them in a broader aspect and that felt satisfying, for a while. After a few days of doing that, I got bored. They would invite me to parties and all, but I would feel too awkward to go and mingle, so I never went. Those friends then gradually stopped inviting me, knowing I wouldn't show up anyway. And then one day, I woke up in the morning and realized that they stopped texting me too.
          I had to deal with the peer pressure later, when at a point in my life, I had no friends because I actually ignored the old ones and used to text these people. How I got real friends, is not what this post is about. This is about how I got the dangerous addiction to texting and socializing, how it influenced me, and how I got over it(I think). With no friends to talk to, I used to watch too much T.V, and put on a lot of weight. I did not even focus that much on my studies. So what did I do? I used to spend hours on Facebook and Instagram, trying to find people who might like to talk to me. I would check my phone for new texts once in 5 minutes even though there was no chance of getting any. That was a miserable phase of my life, because I started to feel that everyone around me were fake, and I had the myth digested that once they were not with me, they spoke things about me. I got very attached to my virtual social life then, when I created a fan page of a celebrity and met people who had similar thoughts as mine. I used to text them(not too personal stuff) the problems I was facing with my friends and they shared their friend troubles with me. Then I used to think upon their issues and started finding solutions. I realised all of us were having issues because of just one thing- Giving more importance to socialising than to ourselves. There was this time when I used to post everything I felt on Instagram and Twitter, thinking that maybe it would help me get away from it. But all I had to do was to simply discuss it with my parents and be positive to find a way out of it. I realised that a little later than I should have. In class 10, when I was really worried about my "first ever board exams", I finally decided to put an end to this virtual life that I was living in. I started working hard on my school subjects, but no matter how hard I tried, I could never study satisfactorily. So I decided to take this issue to my mom.

I cried, "Mommy, I can't focus on what's important to me. I can't get through this without having to share things with people. I have no friends, what do I do?"

Here's what she said: "Sweety, what do you think is most important to you? Is is me? Your dad? Your friends? or your exams? (and after a minute long silence, she looked into my confused eyes and said) It's you. You are the only person who can make you happy. Your life is not just about your friends or what you want to share with them. It is not always necessary to have someone to share your thoughts  with all the time, or express your state of mind. All you need to do to keep your day going, is being conscious of what you are doing. If you know what your conscience is trying to tell you and if you can make your mind implement it, that's more than anything you require to live. When you have a problem, you might think that sharing it with someone would mitigate your sadness. That's not completely true, it only makes an other brain think about your problem, which only agitates the situation, not suppress it. People then think about your life in their style of thinking and that does not help you with anything. You must prioritize what matters to you most and think about it, because the only person who can bring out the best solution to your problems, is you. You can go for advice to any of your real or fake friends, but in the end, your actions describe what kind of a person you are."

And after that night, I never felt too bloated with problems. I just prioritized my problems and shared what mattered to my friends, with them.

YOUR QUESTION: What's the point of all this?
MY ANSWER: In today's time when everyone just cannot wait to share everything with their friends through constant texting, status updates and tweets, I would like to convey to you to spend some time to yourselves and think about your life issues instead of ranting your friend who is probably crushed under the landslide of his own troubles.

That's it! I hope it wasn't too boring, but if it was, I don't care! Have a great week ahead, K BYE!

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