Saturday, 28 January 2012

What I learnt from a pencil

Sudden distractions in life seemed to be graping over me each of those seconds. I felt like my childhood was over, and that thought made me weep deeply all the time. It seemed like every joyful moment in my life had suddenly came to a screeching halt (not every moment because I have my family and friends with me…) - like the non-lubricated breaks on a car are used at a steep curve!
Studies? It was like I have lost temporary interest. Well, probably all girls of my age may feel the same, but I’m more expressive. That’s my problem. That’s what makes me feel the weird stuff you might now be feeling bored of…so let me get to the main subject.

You must have noticed the past tense in the pre-text. Well, what changed the past was a pencil. Okay. Let me make it clearer to you. You all must be in or above high school (if you’re not, then curse me) and you all must be very convenient with a pen. Have you ever made mistakes with it? It will be a yes unless you’re a vampire having extra ordinary possessions or something…well back to pens. So we all make mistakes with a pen. We realize them, we cut them off if it’s a casual note book or use a whitener if it is a project work. But here is a line for all those people- we all see it when you strike out or use the whitener. But when we use a pencil, you can always erase! So it is never a mistake if you have made a mistake in life. You can always erase it. But do we leave the place blank after erasing a word? So correct it. In more simple words, write all the moments where you have reacted, good or bad with a pencil. If you make a mistake, erase it, and replace it with something good.

But, just assume that you have erased a mistake and did not replace it. When you turn to the back side of the page, you can see that the word you have written and erased has just left a mark. You can feel the mark. But when another word is written in place of it, the mark can no longer be seen or felt. Implement that in your life. Always replace your mistake with the correct action/work and then people can’t see or remember the mark that it left behind. Some people might. For those people, I try to apologize once more, or do a better work to overcome it further. That always helps!

So erase all the bad and start fresh. But don’t forget to sharpen your pencil once in a while, or the words go blur. At the same time, over sharpening breaks it’s pointer!