Sunday, 9 August 2015

How To Judge People

Hello there! I know it has been ages since I posted anything ever in this blog. It's not that I haven't got anything new to share, oh I have learnt SO many new things, but I just wrote them down in a diary and didn't care to share them because I thought they were mere thoughts every teenager would go through while growing up and nothing significant. But apparently, it is. And it took me three more years to figure that out. It is important that each one of us have new perspectives on new things that we come across every day and that we constantly keep updating them. By sharing them, we more so think about them and that truly helps us to understand things better. Well, that's enough with the comeback message. I'm here to share an ignorant yet demeaning aspect of our society with you. So here goes.

Being a brown kid strictly grown up in the same city since my birth, I've never really had much exposure to people from different places and their diverse thoughts. But something that is generally prevailing among us is Discrimination Based On Appearance. I know that this is something everybody don't do and you might argue that only people who are "not from a good background" or whose thoughts are "not refined" would think like that, but I'm here to point out that all of us, no matter how educated or well diverse we are, ignorantly do it at some part of our lives.
 Before you go away from this page, let me give you a scenario example. You're a local at the bus stop, waiting for your bus and a tourist, let's just say a white, comes to you and asks you if you could help them up with a location they are unable to find. Being Indians, we know how suddenly responsible we feel to even drop them off to their destination(little exaggerated but you  get the picture). Now if on the same day, a person who probably is not so well-dressed or who probably does not smell so good, comes to you and asks you to drop them off to the same destination that you just did for the westerners, you would probably not because you "don't feel like trusting" him. I, myself, have done it once and I feel very ashamed of it, now that I thought about it. All of us, ignorantly or not, discriminate people based on their appearance in almost all situations in life. If you do not believe that, you can go back in time and think about that one time you helped a man or a woman a little too much just because you thought he or she was attractive. I have, since long, observed my friends or peers who would deliberately make friends with people who look better. This is something our society is completely guilty of and which would one day effect our lives severely. I found it very sad to learn that people only respect you if you are either of the two things- A person in a good position of authority or a person with good looks(If you're both, you can be king). It has often been my experience that when I go to a beauty parlor or to one of those posh malls with my mom that I encounter a lot of people who would only talk to the "classes" and would serve them with water or welcome drinks and would probably not even bother to throw the same cup of water, if the ones who did not wear expensive makeup and did not have sunglasses sitting on their heads, were on fire. That is not all of the ridiculous part-there was one time I went to a supposedly posh hair saloon(dressed mediocrely) with my mom and seeing us, the owner of a lady came to us asking us what we liked. I said I wanted a haircut with a fringe that is not actually a fringe but would look good when I left my hair open because I didn't want problems with my school and I honestly had unbelievably gorgeous hair. So she asked us a few questions about what type of a fringe I wanted(turns out there are many) and when we were not able to decide which one(Mom: Not too short o.k), a lady with already strained and dyed hair and sunglasses on(even inside the saloon), who wore a seemingly expensive cologne came in and the owner hairdresser ran to her, leaving us alone to the heap of magazines in front of us and never returned back. When I came back home that day, that's when I thought about this ridiculous mindset most of the society has, to discriminate people based on their appearance.

Question:O.K all of this already exists, so what can we do about it?

Answer:Change. We must never be the person who is judgmental about another person's physical appearance. Every person is someone beyond their complexion, facial features and build. It is about their attitude. Attitude is the word that has many features reverberating inside it- Personality, the way we carry ourselves, our actions, our priorities, our interests, our abilities and most importantly- what we choose to love most. When we look at people and start judging them based on what they're wearing at the moment or how they smell, it will one day doom us to something worse than death- loneliness. So it is through this post today that I would like to convey to you to stop looking at people the way you've been. I've realized this and started seeing people in better ways and that helps me lot while growing up because if there is something we're constantly doing without halt, it is 'growing up'. So the next time a person comes to you and asks you to help them, you know exactly how to judge them.


  1. Woah!!nice!!well I agree to this..I learnt that I shouldn't judge someone based on their physical appearance ...! :)

  2. Thats true..I appreciate the view that dont judge the book by its cover...good piece of thought the same time keep in mind that there is a need to react,act with wisdom and experience ...

  3. I appreciate your noble gesture that you do not consider beauty,attractiveness as an attribute to judge people. Even while framing an opinion about a person's attitude one should not be judgmental because one may not find the same positive quality one is expecting in a person but he/she might have a latent positive quality which one does not know.With this piece of wisdom,go ahead dear,the WORLD is yours.....

  4. Very good blog from your pen again.... I really appreciate your thoughts on judging people not by their physical appearance. Every person will have their own inner strengths. If we could judge with our learning's the whole WORLD is yours....go ahead and enjoy every moment of life....