Monday, 16 May 2016

Wouldn't There Be You?

Wouldn't it just be easier if you woke up every morning and there would be a list of guidelines on how to act for the day be brought to your bed? Wouldn't you just be happier with yourself if you knew how to treat the friends you love and show them that you truly care and that the last thing that you would want to do on the planet is offend them? Couldn't the world be better if everyone understood each other and the maneuver of life were just a frivolous parade to the ultimate destination of eternity? Wouldn't it be better if humans knew how to create energy that submisses the evil in them and everyone knew only to love and care? Couldn't ephimeral joys be innumerable so that they would be permenant? Couldn't everyone sleep happily knowing there would be enough food and warmth to sustain them through the cold night? Couldn't love never perish among those who live everyday to make all these questions a reality?

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